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The Blue Devils team from Lewiston Maine won the Class A State Championship Game in soccer last week. They won over Deering High in a 3-2 victory. I am from Maine and grew up in "Pine Tree" state and so this is close to me...the coach was quoted as saying:


COACH GISH: It's a lot of pressure to win. They said they were going to do it for their city. And, you know, you worry about the pressure for them, and they handled it, and they got it done. It was really special.

We've got guys from Angola, Somalia, Kenya, and French Canadian kids are playing, and we show the world how you should get along. It doesn't matter where you're from on this team, as long as you do it for each other and you're a good person.


This group of young men have brought more than a win to a wounded city that is only a few miles from my own home. The harsh reality of a mass killing has reached the quiet and sleepy town of Lewiston Maine. This group of exemplary young men pulled together for a victory that united not only a town, but an entire state.

Congratulations to the Lewiston, Maine Blue Devils. It shows that in the worst of times we can accomplish more than may be imagined. When we unify around a sport and team it allows us to forget a tragedy if only for moment.

Thank you Blue Devils

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Nov 20, 2023

Great post. Go Blue Devils! Thank you for uploading it to FanView!

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