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A word from Chris Bailey

In 2002 I shared with my wife Carolyn a matchbook sculpture and my vision for a next-vision video organization technology I believed could revolutionize the future of media. She agreed to support me and the vision unequivocally on one condition. That I promised her that I would never give up pursuing my dream until it worked and I was successful. 

Carolyn always told artists “go big, or go home”. She only sold the most valuable and significant versions of her artist’s work. She wanted extraordinary and expensive paintings and sculptures, not $100 drawings and sketches. Carolyn demanded that I too only pursue the most far reaching and global vision for the technology. Ask “what is the pie-in-the-sky, impossible dream? What is the thing in the future that people can't live without?”

Carolyn worked several stressful and demanding jobs often at once during our marriage to support the family. She spent hours on the phone as a successful art dealer and museum board president while I researched technology. I always felt guilty about that.

In 2016 Carolyn died of glioblastoma brain cancer. Her last words to me on her final night on earth were “Promise me you will never get married again, and never give up on your dream.” The next morning Carolyn was dead and my journey to build FanView without her encouragement, guidance, and common sense began.

Since that time my FanView journey has directed me into the extraordinary world youth sports. Thank you to all of the fans, student-athletes, parents, coaches, schools and leagues that have allowed FanView to be a part of your programs. Your enormous support, comments and encouragement have been invaluable to our team as we have developed FanView.

In 2023 the technology required to support FanView and scale exponentially is readily accessible at limited cost. Vital components and integrations that in the past required large amounts of time and resources are now available as off the shelf marketing tools controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

I am excited to finally be able to release FanView 1.0 to the public. It has taken a long time to get here, but well worth the effort.

I miss you Carolyn.

Any success Fanview enjoys in the future is because of your love and support.

Thank you everyone who has collaborated with us over the years. I appreciate it!


Find more information about the history of FanView on the the Friends of FanView group.

Photograph of Fanview owner Christopher Bailey, his late wife Carolyn Bailey and their son Matson back in 2015.

Carolyn, Chris and Matson 2015



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